We partener with ambitious clients to design great products together.

The passion and innovation of our clients are a necessary ingredient to inspire our work. Ongoing collaboration with our clients and their users is essential for delivering world class results.
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Redesign Honda digital experience.

Our partnership with Honda was based on the desire to create a digital experience on the same level as that offered by driving these beautiful Japanese cars. We focused on a modern design, slightly sporty, but which makes it easier for the user to easily reach a test drive.

Improve online campaign
shopping experience for Carrefour.

We’ve helped Carrefour to build a framework for their Marketing Campaigns, a tool that is easy to use and meets all the business requirements. Not an easy task considering the variety of options when we talk about a retailer of this size.

Using Design Sprints we’ve helped Orange create their SME strategy.

We hate losing time in endless discussions therefore we’ve used our 4 days Design Sprint to collect ideas, align stakeholders, build prototypes and test them with real users.

In just 2 weeks we’ve managed to build enough knowledge that helped us define a clear vision of how the new Small & Medium Business App will look like, what functionalities will incorporate and a roadmap for the near future.

Transform E.ON using
Service Design Thinking

We’ve helped E.ON to adopt new ways of working, re-organizing teams to better deliver value that customers need, and nurturing a culture of ceaseless learning and experimentation using Design Practices.

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