Project & Resource Management Tool

UXProject purpose is to become a With leader and industry standard of how customer centric services
looks like.


& Designs
Usability Testing
Our challenge was to build a project management application for service companies, small and medium businesses.

To identify the need and opportunity of such a digital tool, our team conducted a series of interviews with Project Managers in areas such as: advertising, consulting in European funds, IT and construction.

From here we’ve defined personas and identified needs and barriers to using such an application. Competition has also been analyzed to see what a niche is and how we can position ourselves in the market.

Industry Perspective

Based on interviews from the Romanian Market
Another important step was to understand the business, the relationship between entities, roles and the definition of the functionalities that will ultimately be included. Flow charts have helped the entire team to optimize processes and realize the size of the project.
Wireframes and design have brought to life the new resource management app, our team constantly pursuing to create a modern and easy to use product.

The UXProject philosophy is to validate with real users the projects we are developing and for Socrate we have completed a series of 8 interviews that have helped us to make multiple adjustments to design and functionality. So we have reduced the risk of consuming so precious development resources, but especially we’ve made sure that once our product is in place, it can be successfully used by users.

The last step consisted in delivering the materials to the Development Team for implementation. Style-guides, prototypes, design requirements have been prepared for rapid development and efficient collaboration.

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