Palko Botond

UX Trainer
Carefully handcrafting experiences since we were called Web Designers. Currently Senior UI/UX Designer @ Softvision. Tasting the flavor of writing on Medium, training folks and speaking in public. In the meantime, proud husband and dad.
  • 12+ years in UI/UX Design
  • 6+ years in designing for mobile devices
  • Experience in design leadership teams
My job title could be easily described as Visual Helpdesk. I support people to emphasize with digital products, to smoothly interact with them and to achieve their goals with no effort. This role is also known as UI/UX Designer.
I started 15+ years ago to play around with design as a hobby. During my first job as a graphic designer I began to slowly shift towards Web Design, UI Development and later on to User Experience Design. I like to add and enable value within the teams that I am part of, by actively contributing to their members professional development. I am also addicted to improve work methodologies, processes and standards. I love to design intentionally!