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Enroll for the most complex 1 on 1 Coaching Program delivered by Andrei and shape your career path. Discover efficient ways of working and improve your design skills.
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Develop your career with think.ahead.

Enroll for the most complex 1-on-1 Coaching Program delivered by Andrei and shape your career path. Discover efficient ways of working and improve your design skills.
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Focus on you
The program is based on your needs and desires. We will set together a list of goals and we will work to achieve them by the end of the coaching sessions.
I have designed the coaching program especially for you, to save money and valuable time. Instead of attending several conferences or e-learning lessons, you can benefit from the exact information you need.   

Expand your knowledge
The current market requirements are constantly changing. I will teach you efficient ways of working and the methods I am applying at UXProject.   

Boost your skills
I have set up a suitable context to learn from my professional experience on multiple different projects, to ask questions and improve your design skills.
Real projects and situations
The coaching program is based on your current projects and professional issues or real topics that you might encounter throughout your career.

Learn step by step
Depending on your professional level, I can easily adjust the coaching program. We can either work more on a particular topic or analyze certain issues from multiple angles.

Shape your future
You have the opportunity to benefit from my professional experience and find out useful insights that will build up your career path.

About The Program

What is think.ahead?

Learn Exactly What You Need, Tailored For You.

I will give you straightforward, clear advice on how to develop your career, improve your skills and implement effective ways of working through specific examples, custom exercises and materials. I will also support you to overcome different professional issues.

The coaching program is not about telling you how to reach success. The sessions are based on sharing my solid professional knowledge of more than 12 years of working both in the corporate and non-corporate areas.

Main Topics.

Learn to Craft
User Experiences
User Research & Guerrilla Techniques
Simplifying and Decluttering
Wireframing & Prototyping
Usability Testing
Learn to Design Great User Interfaces
Finding Inspiration
Typography & Grids
Web & Mobile Design
Design Tools
Best Practices & Shortcuts
Learn to Define a
Product Strategy
Launching a Startup
Product Strategy
Design Thinking
Design Sprints
Stakeholder Alignment
Innovation Programs
Prepare For
Your Dream Job
Designer Mindset
Career Path
Build Your Portfolio
Build Your CV
Prepare for Interview
Negotiation Techniques
10 Coaching Hours
1 on 1 meetings with me. We will establish together the details regarding the hour and the coaching process.
Different exercises
You will need to work on a few home assignments.
Private Recorded Materials
I will record for you different types of video containing extra information throughout the program.
Templates & Premium Resources
You will have access to PDFs and editable materials that
I am currently using at UX Project.
Career Path Strategy
We will set the training details based on your goals in order to become an expert in your field of interest.
Access to a Private Group
Join a group of proffessionals, get support & resources.
think.ahead Certificate
You will receive an UXP certificate at the end of the training program.
Lifetime access to resources
Lifetime access to constantly updated curriculum.


Step 1
Click on the button below and fill in the form with your personal details.
Step 2
We Get In Touch
After submitting your registration, we will establish a 30 minute talk.
Step 3
30 Minute Assesment
We will get to know each other and define the goals that you want to
achieve by the end of the coaching program.
Step 4
Invoice & Payment
You will receive the payment details and the invoice via e-mail.
Step 5
Custom Agenda
We will agree upon the main topics based on your professional level and
Step 6
10 Coaching Hours
We will have 1 on 1 meetings according to a pre-established schedule.  
Step 7
Assignments & Resources
You will have to work on a few assignments and gain free access to
multiple resources.
The think.ahead program is designed for the people who work or would like to work in the Design, Product Development or Marketing area and are eager to learn how to pursue their career path. If you believe that you can benefit from my professional experience and UXProject team support, then the coaching program is definitely for you. Whether you are at the start of your career or you are a senior in your field of working, we will establish the coaching sessions details after you register.  
The coaching sessions are in Romanian or English.
I will adjust the program and the agenda based on your level of experience and objectives in order to improve your skills and gain more knowledge.
The coaching sessions are about your needs. Therefore, I develop a custom agenda for every participant. The purpose of the 30 minute assessment is to find out details about your professional level and the goals you want to achieve throughout the think.ahead program.
All 1 on 1 meetings are going to be hosted via Zoom App. The coaching sessions consist of multiple discussions, explanations, examples, presentations, Q & A etc.
The 10 hours coaching sessions are valid maximum 3 months. Otherwise, the coaching sessions left will be cancelled.
We will establish together the schedule of the 1 on 1 meetings. I suggest to have 1 coaching hour/week in order for you to have enough time to work on the assignments, but we can also have multiple meetings/week if you wish so.
You will have free access to canvas, presentations, templates, short explanatory videos and materials that I use at UXProject or custom made for you.
It depends on your availability and the goals that you want to fulfill by the end of the coaching program. You will most likely need to work around 2-3 hours for an assignment before having the next meeting.
It is required to have a computer, internet connection and a microphone.

You also need:
Google Drive - for uploading files
Slack - for communication
Zoom - for the coaching meetings

Depending on each participant’s needs, we can use other tools too.
If for any reasons you do not want to be part of the think.ahead program, you have full refund until the 3rd meeting, without any further questions.
The payment will be made via a payment order (bank transfer). Individuals can pay in two installments: 50% at the beginning of the program and 50% before the 6th coaching meeting.
Register Now for Think.Ahead Program for €999
* VAT Not Included.
For special requests, information, group training just give us a shout -
About the coach

Andrei’s Experience.

Life is similar to a roller coaster. I have made mistakes and learned from them, I have laughed, cried, told stories, met people, made friends and I have gained a significant amount of knowledge.
See Timeline


My Dreams

In 2015, I finally decided to overcome my fears and pursue the dream of having my own agency, UXProject. I started from scratch, without having any bank savings, no peers to help me out or a network of people. It was just me, my enthusiasm and my infinite energy level for building up something that I have been dreaming of from the bottom of my heart.

Throughout several years I have learned by myself what it takes to become an entrepreneur, to develop a business, to coordinate teams and to work with very different clients from numerous fields such as corporate, startup companies, retail, marketing, agriculture or energy. I also had the chance to have execution, strategy and training roles.

Those were the years when I succeeded, I failed several times and I learned how hard can be to become part of the business world. I have also realized that I needed to strive for excellence in order to achieve my dream and shape it the way I wanted.

I am here today to support you to fulfill your goals, because I know exactly that something has been missing throughout my entire career - a person to guide me, to teach me how to overcome professional obstacles, develop my digital skills and increase my knowledge.


The Corporate Journey

I believe that was my growing up stage. I decided to quit my job in the creative industry and accept an opportunity in the banking area. This is how I became an User Experience Architect User in a totally unknown world. I was suddenly among very serious people who were always wearing a suit and a tie and using an unfamiliar  vocabulary for me.

But there I was, working hard day by day in order to complete the new tasks. Taking into account that I was having many colleagues and that I had to get used with the corporate policy, I soon realized that I needed to adopt a new approach of doing things in order to succeed.   

I started to organize workshops, improve my UX knowledge, challenge the solutions proposed by different vendors while I was in charge of the User Experience Process for one of the largest and digital banks in Romania at that time.


From Agency to Product

My next professional experience was in the media industry, at Yahoo! Romania. In fact, I was completing similar tasks as I was doing at my previous job, plus creating different materials for various digital campaigns, such as banners, websites, micro-sites.

It was a great working environment, because I was encouraged to fully express my creative ideas and implement them in multiple projects for numerous brands in the Banking, Automotive, FMCG industries etc. During my time there, I have also gained more knowledge about key performance indicators, running A / B testing, tracking results and adjusting different aspects in order to reach out the objectives.

Furthermore, I started to work for several Software As A Service (SAAS) projects and discover a totally new area for me - User Experience Design. Therefore, I was developing a new mindset, I was working with more people and constantly reading and researching about User Experience Design. The UX field was something completely new, but fascinating, since it was blending my creative spirit with my pragmatic personality and technical knowledge.


Speed Up

I was working in the creative agency field, a new area for the Romanian working environment which was rapidly evolving until the economic crisis.

Due to my advanced Flash and Photoshop skills, I got employed as an Interactive Art Director at one of the growing agencies of that time. This is how I had the chance to work for some of the most well known brands in Retail, Energy, Automotive, Beauty, Telco and Tobacco industries. Moreover, I was gaining a satisfactory level of autonomy, so I could get in touch with the customer, design and implement projects, ending up delivering end-to-end services on my own. Now that I think about it, I find it quite cool.

But one of the most important aspects is the fact that I have learned about grids, research techniques, minimalist design and how to manage the pressure of working with clients and being responsible of different campigns at the same time. On top of that, I can add that I have fully understood the meaning of deadlines, brief and customer service.


It's All About The Web

I was 22 years old and I was working for National Geographic, one of the companies I mostly admire. I truly believed that I was on top of the world. I had the opportunity to get in touch with a large project team, to be involved in international projects and face several challenges.

In spite of everything, I was feeling as an impostor, because I was working with technical and creative people while I was an economics student and I have been working in the area for only 1 year. For this reasons, I started to question myself: “Do I value the doubled salary I have received as a result of changing my job?”, “Do I really deserve to work here?”, “Will my superior be interested in having a long term collaboration with me?” Therefore, I decided to start learning by myself how to create landing pages and games in Flash and I also discovered Photoshop.

I came to the conclusion that I was having a nice job and a suitable context to develop my skills, although many of them on my own. But, I soon realized that as time was passing, there were new opportunities opening up.


The Beginning

Most of the people are surprised to find out that I have a bachelor degree in Economics since I am passionate about the digital field. My professional story began in the 2nd year of college when I got the chance to work in the digital environment by building presentation websites using Flash, for the Spanish market.

I recall that I barely could keep up with my colleagues regarding Action Script (a pseudo programming language) and design in order to create sites for restaurants and hotels located on the Brava Coast. However, I managed to develop a very effective way of working, so I was able to meet the projects deadlines.

At that point, I had the feeling that it would only be a job for about 1 or 2 years and, of course, that I would have a more serious job after graduating. Nobody and nothing would have foretold the journey that followed.

Level up to achieve.
Shape your career now!

Benefit from my professional experience and custom materials on how to improve your skills. Find out more about particular ways of working, digital tools and real situations that you might have to face through 10 hours of 1 on 1 coaching sessions.
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