Meetings Suck.
Design Sprints Are Cool.

No matter if your project is a digital solution or a multichannel service, nomatter if you work for a start-up, corporation or agency, the Design Sprint will help you start your next challenge in full power.
What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a 4-day, step by step process for rapidly solving big challenges, creating new products, or improving existing ones.  
It compresses potentially months of work into a few days.

Day 1

Understand The Challenge We Are Facing & Co-create.

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Day 2

Align The
Team and The Sollution We Will Focus.

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Day 3

Prototype Day

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Day 4

Test Your Prototype with Real Users.

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Understand the Problem

The first day of Design Sprint is dedicated to understanding the project. This is an opportunity for members of the team to " unpack " all they know. This is the opportunity to gather everyone's knowledge and define the objectives of the prototype.

Expert Interviews & How Might We

We mix things up a bit by starting with the expert interviews and “How Might We” questions. While that’s not what the book recommends, we found that this order helps us dive deep into the problem and ask better questions, with a better understanding of the situation.

Mapping &
Choosing The

We map the interaction of the user with the current system to get a high-level overview. Add the HMW's on the map and see where all the most important parts of the challenge sit inside the system. Choose one problem area to focus and LET'S SPRINT.

After a high intensive first part of the day your team really deserves a break. A moment of chill where you can experience a special lunch and a good coffee.

We highly recommend to talk about something else, like sports, vacations or hobbies. No Sprint talk.

Find Solutions To The Things
You've Chosen

This is an opportunity for the team members to get inspired and find solutions to the problems of the targeted area.

Crazy 8s & Concept Sketch

Allow your thoughts to sketch a clear story that your team can clearly understand. Trough this exercises we push our visual imagination from 8 different perspectives of the same idea to a clear final personal concept.


Align on Solution.

The Second day of Design Sprint is dedicated to figure out a solution everyone thinks is valuable for testing.
This is the oportunity to choose and vote the clearest guide for the prototype.

It's a great time to take

After a good coffee we review all the concepts and place dots on each small idea we think is a good answer for one of the Questions. It's time to filter the ideas and get a "heat map" of opinions.

It's time to inform the Decider!

Decide (in your head) on a concept that should be prototyped and tested. On a big dot put your initials and, when everyone is ready, place the dot at the same time. The Decider will choose a main concept and an extra feature, after everyone will explain their vote.

You are almost done, it is time to gather forces for the last push of the day. Don’t force it or skip it, your team is tired after the effort they put until now.

Encourage your team, they are almost there.

A Clear Way
to Test With Users!

To decide what will be in our Prototype, we have a simple 6 steps decision process. Everyone will expose their ideas. After that we take turns and vote the clearest guide for the customer. The final call is made by the Decider.

Leave No Open Questions For The Prototype

We re-use the relevant drawings and put them next to User Test Flow post-its. Fill the missing pieces with drawings. Narrate the whole storyboard loud and if any big problems are spotted, write it on a blue post-it and come back to it later.


Test day

During this day we do at least 4 interviews with the users. We collect all the insights from them followed by making quick tweaks to parts of the prototype.

What Do You
Get In The End?

No matter the result don’t forget that who ever fails the most wins and your only cost was 4 days of effort.

Clear yes/no answers to the questions you started with.
Research Documentation
A specific long-term goal incl. success metrics for internal alignment.
Next steps based on effort / impact.
A high-fidelity interactive prototype, tested by real users.
What We

This is not just about facilitation is about delivery, therefore we bring you an elite team of specialists that will take you thru the process.

Design Sprint Facilitator
UX & UI Designer
UX Researcher
War Room & Sprint Supplies
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